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New 30% ruling as of January 1 2012


The new conditions are:

  • The employee should be recruted from  abroad
  • The employee should not live within a 150km radius from the Dutch border at the time of hiring
     This is defined that  during16 months of the 2 years prior to coming to the Netherlands he or she should have been registered in a place further than 150km from the Dutch border
  • The employee's  gross salary should be at least € 50.619,= annually
  • The maximum duration of the ruling is 8 years
  • Any period spent in the Netherlands over the last 25 years will reduce the maximum duration of the 30% ruling
  • MA graduates can also apply for the 30% ruling when their salary level is at least € 38.472,=
  • Rulings reaching 5 years after 1 January 2012 will be assessed again on the basis of the new criteria. Changing employers in the meantime will not change this

Tax money

New legislation regarding employment agencies

As of July 1 2012 every foreign employment agency that employs staff in the Netherlands should register with the Chamber of Commerce.
The company will need to provide the Chamber of Commerce with all legal documents and the names and addresses of the directors.
My company will be most happy to assist with the registration and there is no need for the Director to come across to this country to sign the needed documents, if these documents are validated by a sollicitor.

Latest News

Apparently the Ministery of Finance is working on a solution for employees that work on short contracts and leave the Netherlands in between. They could never meet the requirement of the 16 months living further than 150km from the Dutch border.
We will keep you informed of further developments